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About RTB.Center

We are the best RTB platform on the market. The platform of the NEW Generation. Here’s Why.

RTB.Center is an RTB platform that offers a wide choice of standard and rich media formats for display and video campaigns on desktop & mobile.

RTB.Center is much beyond an ordinary advertising network. It’s an automatic engine that drives Ads through the best Publishers directly to Customers, wherever they are.

We combine technology, user experience and recent trends in advertising, to give you the best match.


RTB.Center provides amazing choice for Advertisers.

We make sure your ads instantly reach the right customer, in any country, on any device. Try the simplest way of advertising with any type of inventory, to ensure Brand Awareness of the highest impact.

You can plan campaigns in the Programmatic & Real Time Bidding mode with efficient target segmentation, and choose from the inventory provided by the best Publishers, while optimizing your expenses, due to acquisition at the best prices on the market.

All RTB.Center systems are equipped with anti-malware & anti-fraud technologies, to give you a maximum protection from malvertising.

Register as Advertiser for free and start planning and running your Web Campaigns.


Publishers always get the best prices with RTB.Center.

We work with the largest Exchanges to constantly offer you 100% relevant bids.

Now Publishers with any type of inventory can make it available to the best Advertisers through RTB.Center platform.

Join us as Publisher for free, and make your inventory available to Advertisers that are looking for it.

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